Ready to drink cocktails


 Barrel-Aged Rum Old-Fashioned 

When we opened the Latitude 55 lounge, we knew we needed a stand-out signature cocktail, something simple yet significant that would showcase our standing in the spirit industry and make us a desirable destination for Grande Prairie drinkers craving a sophisticated nightlife.

Our spin on the Old-Fashioned cocktail – a barrel-aged version made using Kakwa Rum, demerara syrup, and chocolate bitters that we pour from cask to glass right at the bar – was the drink that quickly became a favourite amongst all our hardworking regulars. This off-beat riff on the classic Old-Fashioned recipe is made especially for opportunity seekers and those who like to play as hard as they work.  

For those who always crave one at home or on-the-go, we’ve put our Barrel-Aged Rum Old-Fashioned in a bottle for you to enjoy after a long shift or beside the wood stove after a day of sledding under bluebird skies. It’s approachable, social, and ready to drink. It’s for those who respect tradition but want to make a name for themselves. Pour one over ice, drop in a cherry (or three), and enjoy life.

Featured spirit: Kakwa Rum 
Retail Price: $34.99 (plus tax and bottle deposit)
Size: 500ml
ABV: 28%

Latitude 55 Barrel-Aged Manhattan

The history of the Manhattan cocktail is steeped in mystery and myth. Was it first served at a party thrown by the future mother of Winston Churchill? Did J.P. Morgan end every trading day with one in his hand? Did the accessibility of Canadian rye whisky during prohibition fundamentally change the cocktail forever? While we can’t confirm or deny these popular legends, we strongly believe that Canadian rye whisky should, in fact, be the spirit of choice when crafting the perfect Manhattan.

That’s why our Barrel-Aged Manhattan, made using our Canadian Whisky, sweet vermouth, and bitters, is a smooth, suave, and sophisticated offering for those drinkers who always make the bold, secure choices in life. Whether you’re closing a big business deal, impressing guests at a black-tie affair, or settling in for a quiet nightcap, you can feel confident that we’ve mixed an exceptional ready-to-drink Manhattan just for you. There’s nothing quite like being well-established and consistently relevant. There’s nothing quite like a Manhattan.

Featured spirit: Canadian Whisky Batch #2
Retail Price: $34.99 (plus tax and bottle deposit)
Size: 500ml
ABV: 32%