Nick Kebalo – President/Master Distiller

Nick once called Gimli, Manitoba home, where he served as the head distiller/distillery operations manager at Diageo’s Crown Royal Whisky plant for more than five years. Nick eventually landed in Grande Prairie, Alberta, using his wealth of experience, knowledge, and insight from his former job (as well as his diploma in distilling from the internationally recognized Institute of Brewing & Distilling) to found Latitude 55 with his eager partners; there’s no way we’d be where we are today without him. When Nick isn’t grooming his three lovely children to become next generation distillers, he can be found spraying balls all over a golf course while sipping a few Cuba Libres. 

Nick’s L55 picks: Kakwa Rum and Northern Hare Gin


Regan Berg – Assistant Distiller

Regan gave up her cushy life as a stay-at-home cat mom to become Latitude 55’s first ever employee. Not one to shy away from the bright gleam of the copper still, Regan attended to many important distillery tasks in those early days and kept the spirits flowing during the company’s infancy; we wouldn’t be where we are today without her either. A fitness enthusiast and avid snowboarder, Regan is passionate about nutrition and in constant search for the world’s best whiskey sour.

Regan’s L55 picks: Moonshine and Spiced Rye


Jeff Warren – Distillery Manager

Jeff joined the Latitude 55 team in the summer of 2019 to form the second (and some would say lesser) half of the distillery dynamic duo alongside Regan. Bringing five years of experience as a brewery production manager to the company, Jeff helped take Latitude 55 to the next level; again, we wouldn’t be where we are today without him. With his beard, tattoos, vinyl collection, and distillery gig, Jeff is an aging hipster-in-denial who absolutely abides a perfectly made White Russian.

Jeff’s L55 picks: Kakwa Rum and Latitude 55 Gin